TT Motorcycle School is run and directed by Allan. All tuition is carried out by Allan and his carefully picked, friendly, honest and fully qualified RoSPA and Cardington approved Driving Standards Agency Motorcycle Instructors. TT is closely supported by a few administrators who are often on hand via either phone, email or in person to give professional, knowledgable, honest, friendly and comprehensive advice.

We pride ourselves on being one of the few motorcycle and scooter training schools which uphold Quality Personal Tuition; a feature lost by many of the larger schools. TT Motorcycle School is much respected by examiners at our local DSA Test Centre due to the outstanding quality of pupil presented for test.

Each time you have a lesson we endeavour to ensure that you will be with the SAME INSTRUCTOR from the very first lesson through to the time you pass, at a maximum rate of 2 pupils to 1 instructor (2:1). Safety is our priority and your learning is not ‘diluted’… quality personal tuition.


All on-road and Module Two tuition is carried out on roads in and around Sussex. You will be in direct contact with your instructor via a radio system throughout your on-road tuition. Tuition for part two of the full licence (Module Two) will be carried out on the test routes around our local Multi Purpose Test Centres in either Burgess Hill or Eastbourne.

If you require a New Rider course , hourly lessons, refresher courses, one to one tuition or hours to suit you please do contact us.



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