Advanced Rider


Advanced Riding

For all category A and A2 riders who wish to take it to the next step and gain the much respected Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) certificate we can fulfil this dream.

Gaining the ERS certificate will not only make you a more skillful and confident rider but you may benefit from insurance discounts from almost 30 different insurance companies, which include some of the largest names in Motorcycle Insurance – such as Carole Nash and Devitts.

Our ERS training is carried out by our DSA Approved Post-Test Motorcycle Trainer. Courses are for a minimum of one day at £145 per day. If you book with a friend the total fee is £200 – a saving of £90 between you and far less than the daily training rate! So grab a motorcycling buddy and contact us!

Once you’ve completed your training you will receive a report and a ‘DSA Certificate of Competence – Enhanced Rider Bonus’, which then qualifies you for the insurance discount.

If you wish to know more or indeed book a course please contact us so we can talk you through the process and discuss dates.