Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pupil documentation

The following are Driving Standards Agency (DSA) regulations and must be adhered to at all times on all courses

  • It is the Pupil’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary & relevant documentation is valid and remains with them throughout the training i.e.:
  • CBT – A valid UK provisional driving license with category A or P (both parts or passport with older style paper license)
  • A1/A2/Direct Access license training/practical test – A valid UK provisional driving license with category A or P (both parts or passport with older style paper license) a valid CBT certificate & a valid Motorcycle theory test certificate.
  • Advanced & Back to Biking – A valid full UK driving license with category a (both parts or passport with older style paper license)
  • If the pupil does not provide the necessary documentation or meet the eyesight check requirements (ability to read a vehicle registration number plate at 20.5 meters or 67ft) with or without optical aids, the deposit will be forfeit and training will not be able to commence.

Pupil’s clothing

  • It is the pupil’s responsibility to wear suitable sturdy clothing when undertaking motorcycle training (sturdy footwear but not steel toe cap boots or shoes and preferably sturdy trousers, i.e. denim or leather). A jacket, helmet, gloves, hi-viz &waterproofs will be supplied if necessary.
  • If a pupil arrives wearing inappropriate clothing then TT Motorcycle School reserves the right to cancel training without refund.

Medical conditions

  • It is the pupil’s responsibility to inform TT Motorcycle School of any medical conditions at the time of booking, failure to do so may result in cancellation of training.

Reading: The Highway Code


Damage or loss to equipment & insurance

  • TT Motorcycle School does not provide insurance to cover illness/personal injury or unplanned course cancellation.
  • TT Motorcycle School advises pupils to make their own arrangements in relation to the above matter if they feel it necessary.
  • Whilst training, pupils are insured with a full comprehensive insurance policy provided through TT Motorcycle School.
  • In the event of a Pupil causing damage to vehicles provided by TT Motorcycle School the following voluntary excess charges will apply. Moped / Scooter – £350.00. Up to 125cc – £500.00 500cc and above – £750.00. A full price list of damaged or lost items will be provided to the pupil on request.
  • If any pupil fails to follow the instructions given whilst training resulting in any incident or accident where the pupil has become separated from the instructor then the insurance policy may be invalidated and the pupil will be liable for ALL COSTS in the full recovery & repair of the vehicle.

Alcohol & drugs

  • If the pupil is considered to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (whether prescribed or not) TT Motorcycle School reserve the right to cancel training without refund of payment.

Tiredness and fatigue

  • It is the pupil’s responsibility to ensure they are capable of remaining awake & alert throughout the training. It is not advised to participate in motorcycle training if they have not slept the night before.
  • If the pupil is considered to be too tired due to lack of sleep or any other reason they reserve the right to postpone or cancel training.

Training standards

  • All training is provided at the discretion of the school.
  • Where possible the pupil will be kept on the same machine throughout their training course but this is not guaranteed.
  • TT Motorcycle School reserves the right to halt or offer alternative training if a pupil is deemed to be a hazard to themselves or any other member of the public. Any refund, partial or full is at the instructors discretion.

Payments and cancellations

  • A 50% deposit must be paid prior to confirmation of training of any A1/A2/Direct Access/Back to Biking/Advanced training course
  • CBT bookings will only be confirmed with payment in full at the time of booking.
  • Full payment for A1, A2, Direct Access, Back to Biking & advanced training courses must be made at least 7 days prior to the 1st day of training.


  • Pupil’s must arrive on time to start their course, late arrivals will be excluded from the course, and any re-booking may be subject to an additional fee.
  • If the pupil cancels giving 14 working days notice a full refund will be made minus a £25 admin fee however, if the booking is made within 14 working days of the course start date then the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.
  • If the pupil cancels training without giving 14 working days notice the deposit will be retained.
  • If the pupil fails to arrive on the day of training without notice the full amount will be charged.
  • If TT Motorcycle School cancels your course or any part of thereof then the pupil will be offered an alternative date or an appropriate refund (see below for cancellations due to weather conditions).
  • TT Motorcycle School will not be held responsible for any Driving Standards Agency (DSA) test cancellations or failures.
  • If weather conditions are such that CBT training cannot commence, TT Motorcycle School will rescheduled at no additional charge to the pupil.
  • If weather conditions are such that A1, A2, Direct Access, Back to Biking or Advanced training is cancelled, alternative dates will be offered where possible.
  • TT Motorcycle School operate a zero tolerance policy on threatening or abusive behaviour in our workplace. We reserve the right to terminate the course without refund if we are subject to this type of behaviour. Any instance of this type of behaviour will be reported to the appropriate authorities.