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"I did my CBT and Direct Access with Allan Kelly of TT Motorcycle School this summer, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. In fact he’s now teaching my 16 year old daughter to ride.
Not only is he obviously very good at his job, and very professional, he’s also a thoroughly nice bloke.
I was really nervous when I started to ride, but Allan’s friendly and reassuring style soon put me at ease.
He coached me brilliantly well for my Mod 1 and I knew exactly what I was doing. On the road I knew I was in good hands, and he made sure I was well prepared for my test.
I now have my full bike license, and I had a lot of fun getting it.
Many thanks, Al!"

Sandy Caulfield


"Anyone wanting to get their hands on a full licence? Well you’ve come to the right place! I recently passed my Mod 1 & 2 and couldnt be happier with the training provided by TT.
I want to say thanks to Allan for everything! getting my full motorbike licence was the proudest day of my life and something I will never forget.
I thought jumping from a 125 to a 500 would be something that would take weeks of practise,  but with your patience and great teaching it took just a few hours!. My first day riding with Allan I had no confidence being on a 500cc as the thought of being on a bigger and more powerful bike unnerved me to say the least. But by midday I was feeling ready to take on my test! Allan got me through both parts of the test in no time at all, I highly recommened Allan for teaching you to ride. The test instructors on the day arent looking for perfection but Allan sure as hell makes your riding flawless and your confidence very high before you go on test.
After my lessons with Allan both tests seemed more like a ride out with friends rather then a test because I felt so comfortable on the bike and ready to go!.
I passed my test with only 1 minor…..results like that speak for them self!!

So get your motor running and get booked in with TT motorcycle school."

Lee Webb

"I was taught by Allan on my CBT an amazing experience as it was the first time I have ridden a motorbike. After completing my CBT I then went on to do my Full licence which took awhile as I have two small children and finding childcare wasn’t always easy but Allan was very kind and patient and didn’t rush me, he was also understanding of my situation and worked with me when I was able to get childcare. You couldn’t ask for a better motorbike instructor than Allan, he will work with you until you are a confident and safe rider, I would recommend TT Motorbike School as Allan is a fantastic instructor and a really nice person.
I’m now the very proud owner of my beautiful triumph street triple which I love riding and it’s all down to Allan because he gave me the confidence to do my full licence, so THANK YOU Allan."

Tasha Green

"Hey Alan, Just wanna say a huge thanks for everything you’ve taught us this week, you’re an absolute star and have a really good attitude to the people you are training! You make it informative, fun and interesting and if you can teach us two to ride a bike you can teach anyone! hehe! But seriously its been really good fun and we’ve learnt a lot. Cake anyone?? Thanks Big Al! Jane and Tray. (or is it Tray and Jane? we don’t even know who we are now! haha!)"

Jane Kitchen

"You’ve seen the rest, now try the BEST!!! simply the best instructor.. I couldn’t ride a bike on Monday and by Thursday (same week) I passed my test! and that’s THANKS to a HIGH QUALITY + EXCELLENT INSTRUCTOR. Thanks again Alan"


"Hi Alan I just wanted to say thanks for getting me through my test. Having been trained incorrectly elsewhere, I had failed my test 3 weeks earlier. A couple of hours training with Alan, who mended my ways, and I was set for the test. Though understandably nervous, I was successful and put it all down to Alan’s guidance. Thanks again."

Steve Scrimshaw

"Thanks for a very enjoyable and informative day. After a nervous start, Alan allowed me to feel comfortable on the bike with his firm but fair teaching style which helped me immensely. Everyone I met was friendly and full of helpful advice, I’d recommend these guys to anyone."

Lewis Marney

"hi guys thanks for a great week and getting me through my test FIRST TIME at short notice thanks alot Alan. defo recommend you to any one and every one. To all you reading this THESE R THE BOY’S to pass with, excellent tuition and laugh, keep you calm and relaxed all day great humour and fun, the BEST bike school around. thanks alot once again"

Matt Williams

"The first time I ever sat on a motorbike was back in the middle of April when I did my CBT with TT. I knew absolutely nothing about motorbikes up until that day, all I knew was that I wanted to be able to ride one. After doing my CBT I decided to book myself in to do the DAS with Alan. All I can say was that it was a very enjoyable experience. At the end of the week I had my driving test and to my surprise, and probably alot of other peoples surprise, I passed my test first time! The boys worked wonders. Thanks a million."

James Murphy